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Working with Igor means being initiated into the endless mystery of your own Heart. His transmission is a direct quickening of the energies of transformation that lie latent in every human body. And with this quickening, entirely new possibilities for inner and outer change begin to enter your life, as if drawn by some invisible force.


The full nature of this work is indescribable; it can only be spoken of in small pieces, which will never add up to the whole. This is the path of joy and heartbreak and joyous heartbreak. It is the path of finding trust by finally giving up hope for ever finding something different than what is. The path of the utter freedom found in the inability to escape from yourself. The Path of the Heart allows no bypassing, no laziness. Eventually every shadow is brought to the surface to be dispelled by the increasing light of awareness, which is the light of Love. This is no mere philosophy; no smug meeting of “awakened” ones who use their “understanding” to distance themselves from their own suffering. On this path we are finally given the means to answer the constant call of the Heart to be ripped open once and for all, to meet the beauty and terror and joy of life with a new face of constant amazement. To birth ourselves anew not just once, but again and again until there can be no more forgetting because there is nothing to remember — only newness and the eternal radiance of Love. And it is from there that we start to learn a new way of living on the Earth.


~ Yogananda Menzel

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