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Unfold your full Human Potential.
Live in Alignment with Universal Values.

The full course recordings are now available capturing every nuance.

What is Yoga of Integrity?

This course is tailored to those who are serious about reaching their innermost potential. It aims to redress the fundamental principles which assist spiritual unfoldment. It further distinguishes what obstructs the progress and limits our potential for Self-realization. It dares to expose collectively held myths around spirituality which are based on false assumptions, so as to clear the path for the expansion of human consciousness through direct insight into the purpose of human evolution.

What you’ll learn

This course will deepen your understanding of the process of spiritual unfoldment and what is needed to integrate higher states of consciousness.

The complexity of the human psyche will be addressed from the Yogic and Tantric perspective, supported by personal insights Igor gained through decades of guiding aspirants on the path.

You will learn the ground-breaking insights into the meaning of sādhanā (spiritual practice), tapasyā (spiritual ardor, discipline), brahmacharya (celibacy), shraddhā (faith in Self/God), yajña (sacrifice) and vairāgya (detachment).

Recorded sessions: 4
Total amount: 10 hours

+ Bonus Session with Q&A : 1 hr 40 mins 

Course Content


Module 1: Historical Perspective & Etymology

What is Yoga? The meaning of sacrifice. Factors that contribute to Self-realization according to Patanjali Yoga. Integrity & divine virtues. Dharma and our current time of crisis. Universal values of Plato as foundational to the human psyche. (Duration 2:05:02)

Module 2: Modes of Perception. Postulates of Neo-Advaita & Standing Alone

The 5 modes of perception. Practice & non-reaction. Personal aspect of the Divine (Ishvara). Psychological maturity & Universal Egoity. Spiritual death. Discovering one's inborn purpose (svadharma). (Duration 2:02:33)

Module 3: Factors that contribute to Self-realization. Causes of Suffering

The two principle movements of Externalization & Internalization. External conduct & internal attitude (yamas & niyamas). Truthfulness (satya) & Impeccable behaviour (brahmacharya). 5 factors that contribute to Self-realization. Obstruction to stillness & remedies. (Duration 2:41:50)

Module 4: Where to Place the Emphasis? Spiritual Virtues vs Conventional Morality. Threshold of Realization 

The principles of Non-harming (ahimsa), sacrifice (yagya), dedication to the ideal of pure awareness (ishvara-pranidhana). Tapas, the Gunas & Universal meaning of the Cross. Unified contemplation of perceiver, perceiving and perceived. Perfect discipline (samyama). Culminating phases. (Duration 3:03:39)

Bonus: Q&A Session

Practicing Truthfulness (satya) in everyday circumstances. The Sufi perspective & How to cultivate Faith (shraddhā)? Experiencing different kinds of samadhi (states of absorption). 


There is a depth in this content that almost defies commentary, as if one is to simply soak in it. And yet there are very specific statements that invite, almost demand, that we ask how and for what we stand in this world ...

"There is no yoga without sacrifice and no sacrifice that does not lead to some form of union." So beautiful, so powerfully spoken of... this chance that comes with human birth to fulfill our destiny, to commit to our practice with each breath, in each moment ― completely. Thank you for your infinite guidance!                                       

~ Course participants of ‘Yoga of Integrity,’ August 2020

Meet the teacher

IGOR KUFAYEV is a leading expert in the field of human potential and personal transformation, professional artist and the founder of Flowing Wakefulness Organization. Speaking from direct realisation of Oneness, he inspires all people to recognise the fullest potential present in human birth. Igor Kufayev has been serving as a public speaker and retreat leader, offering transformational programs worldwide. Participants at Igor's programs have reported having access to higher states of consciousness, peak experiences, permanent relief from depression and spontaneous healing from chronic physical and psychological ailments.

  • Learn how vigilance and divine virtues can assist you in the process of Self-realization

  • Understand how to work with obstacles wisely and rise beyond limitations

  • Apply easy to follow principles to your daily spiritual practice

  • Get insights into spiritual integrity rooted in the ancient Science of Yoga

150 Euros

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