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...This giving and receiving is the greatest teaching in disguise. There is no possibility for establishing a Heart-to-Heart connection without this selfless service, which has nothing to do with serving someone’s ambitions or ideals, nor is it a subservience to another’s will — but an act of devotion, requiring psychological maturity, which sustains that Heart-to-Heart connection. Selfless service is the foundational ground to walk the Path of the Heart…                              
                                                                                                                                 ~  Igor Kufayev

Our budding Flowing Wakefulness team is comprised of dedicated students of Igor Kufayev from all over the world, who have offered themselves into his work, and carry it on the shoulders of enthusiasm and through the hearts of commitment. Selfless service is an indispensable part of this path, a Yoga practice in its own right. It is the ground which helps us to reflect on our attitude towards our involvement with activity and to gradually release our identification with the “doer,” which supports us in becoming established in Witness Consciousness. The one who is given to selfless service in a proper way, in time finds freedom from the binding influence of action. The wish to serve and to commit oneself on a deeper level to this path, often arises naturally when the rich blessings of this work are experienced firsthand.


We are happy to welcome you to our growing team, if you feel the desire to contribute to this work through offering some of your energy, time and talents in the form of selfless service.





We currently have openings to volunteer in the following departments:


  • Social Media & Design

  • Event Organisation

  • Transcription

  • Technical Infrastructure

  • Fundraising

  • Public Relations

  • Video editing

  • Publishing House





If you are inspired in any way to contribute your time, please contact or use the form below to discuss current opportunities in volunteering for Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship.



The Flowing Wakefulness Team

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