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The Self is Universal

Walking this path means to awaken to the essence of what we truly are, — pure Consciousness ‒ expressed through the uniqueness of our individuality. The Self is universal. It is the core of Awareness within the Heart of each of us, the ground of our Being, ever-present, ever-conscious, ever-blissful.

The Path of the Heart embraces the universal teaching of brother and sisterhood, of deep respect for one another. It teaches us to look beyond outer appearances, to see the vibrant, luminous Divinity that we are, to see God in each other and all manifestation. It invites us to celebrate differences as the manifold expression of God's creative play, and to birth the shared vision of life lived from the throbbing, fluid, ecstatic wisdom of the Heart.

The enlivening and awakening of one's inherent spiritual energy through the power of transmission is the initiation and doorway for students to engage and commune directly with their own power of Consciousness; the creative and intelligent energy of the Divine Mother, the matrix of all manifestation. The journey of awakening is the process of surrendering to the transformative work of Grace within our Beings, the illumining light of our awareness.

“Awareness is that which illumines every process. From the beginning, through the intermediate stages and up until the end, there is nothing but Awareness that illumines every process. It is just that simple. Yes, there is this methodology of working on shadows and working on limitations and working with them. But I invite you to move on to the next level. Instead of working on the level of the shadows and working on the shadows, I want you to work as light, I want you to work with light, because that is your light, the light of your own Awareness. And all that is needed is to introduce the light. When there is more light the shadows simply disappear."

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