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The Guru - Can one experience a vertical pull from the guru by this type of live internet gathering?

Q: Can one experience vertical pull from the guru by this type of live internet gathering?


Well, if we understood the guru to be the universal principle, that would necessitate that guru transcends space and time, it transcends any form of communication. So obviously it means that it would allow any possibility, absolutely any possibility. So if we say that this is possible and that is not, we are limiting that aspect, which we cannot do, because this aspect is unlimited.


Guru in that text, in that scripture the Guru Gita, says... and there is one line which, when I read the Guru Gita for the first time, it really struck me. There is one line, which says, “Guru is greater than God, or the guru is greater than the Lord. If the Lord is angry with you, your guru can come and save you, or your guru can come and defend you. But if the guru is angry with you, there is no way anyone can protect you — even the power of the Lord is impotent here.” Obviously this is a paradoxical statement; what do we do with that statement? 

Obviously that statement is to reconcile, to reconcile this, to understand this, that the guru principle transcends even the idea of God, it transcends even the idea of the Lord Himself, because the Lord here is the subject or object. The guru is that eternal principle, that which conceals and that which reveals. So obviously this relationship, this connection is not limited to any form. So it is possible to experience this through this form of communication, and beyond any of these forms of communication. When the connection to the guru is strong, then the transmission takes place through three states of consciousness: through waking, through dreaming, and through deep sleep, because there is nothing that can limit and nothing that can overshadow that.


So in other words, the answer is, “Yes, of course,” and one experience — vertical, of course — because it's always working, it's always there, all it takes is to tune into that. All it takes is to tune in, and as long as there is as palpable and as intimate a connection, a resonance with someone who is temporarily being placed in that role where that connection is being reestablished. In other words, simply that which is subtler to subtler and yet more subtle.


However, it is there, it is available, and I myself am a confirmation of that, because not only have I experienced it many times watching my own guru speak through televised appearances, through televised darshans. I experienced this connection through simply being in front of an image of the guru, just as simple as that, as a photographic image, something which contains the imprint of that. If I could say something that limited — this was just a picture — and yet that picture would be enough as the springboard to throw my own consciousness, my own awareness into the depth of my own Self, and from there, the sky is the limit


                                                                                                          ~ Igor Kufayev, Online Darshan transcribed Q&A Costa Rica, July 20, 2014


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