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Bringing Together Subject & Object

in the Full Spectrum of Coalescence


Five-Module Online Course

Dear Friend, 


It’s a great joy to share this knowledge of the intricacies of the process of integration, what the term samadhi is known for. And I’m fully aware of the gravity of the moment represented by this challenging transition we are going through collectively, with all of its unease, uncertainty and unpredictability. The balance of opposing energies is required at all times, yet it’s hard to think of a more urgent time when harmony is needed more than ever. At the times when disintegration is considered a norm, the question of integration is no longer a luxury of spiritual pursuit but a matter of survival and now synonymous with sanity. 


This course is aimed at bridging individual concerns, represented by the human condition and existential quest, with what we perceive as the reality of the world out there. This in turn, ultimately speaking, is inseparable from bringing together subject and object, as has been pointed out by all perennial traditions of the East and West. Despite a seeming straightforwardness, this process of merging is a fine art in itself and has been dealt with, with astonishing precision by certain traditions, some of which we will unpack during the course. 


When conceiving this course, the incentive was to give emphasis on the practical aspects represented by deeply personal, and very intimate in nature, meditative processes. We will also draw a distinction between some of the most significant interpretations of Samadhi and what it represents in terms of our direct, firsthand experience of what brings wholeness where it rightfully belongs. Welcome to join, and to merge. 


Igor Kufayev

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"The online Samadhi course has opened my eyes to new ways of looking at ancient wisdom in today's world. Igor brings together knowledge from different traditions to shed light on the universal truth that underpins them all. Having had many direct experiences inside and outside of meditation where I was not able to understand what was happening, this course has given me the insights and knowledge to comprehend these experiences and work with them. Igor's ability to translate difficult to grasp concepts and experiences into words with such clear precision and intentionality is incredible, and it is simply a reflection of the deep inner place he is teaching from. 
Warm thanks,

                                                                                                                                                                 Dominic Florisca"

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The highest state of meditative absorption, also known as Integration or “bringing together”, is the joining of various elements into one stream of integral flow. According to Yoga Philosophy there are different degrees of coalescence, some deeper and more complete than others: from meditative absorption with cognitive functioning; to the cognition-less withdrawal of the Self abiding as Awareness; to the ultimate state of Sahaja Samadhi, as that spontaneous absorption whilst going about your daily duties. 


Drawing a comparative analysis on the experience and understanding of Samadhi between classical Patanjali Yoga and Kashmir Shaiva Philosophy, in this online immersion you will learn about the key processes behind spiritual transformation: 

  • Progressive internalisation in the process of absorption and subject-object dynamics 

  • Moving from dichotomised thought-construct to thought-free states 

  • Dissolution/integration of the sense of separate self, and the re-emergence of Universal Identity  

  • Absorption of the individual mind into Universal Consciousness

  • The role of Bio-plasmic field (Prana) in the transformation of consciousness

  • Importance of Correct Attitude (Bhavana)

  • On Intensity of Experience  

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"Through these unprecedented discourses and guided meditations, I experience a transmission of energy and the living teachings that takes me into increasingly deeper realms beyond thought and form. I bow with a sense of delight and gratitude for this invitation to worlds normally hidden to us in plain sight. Thank you for showing us The Art of The Way and for simultaneously drawing us out and pulling us in to that pinpoint of perfect stillness and equipoise so that we may rest in the awe of the glimpses of our true nature.

                                                With love and gratitude,

Pamela Sukhum"



The course will provide both indispensable knowledge and opportunities for practice.

The aim of the course is to give direct and immediate access into the internal dynamics of all meditative processes, with an emphasis on the bio-energetic field which prana plays as a conduit between consciousness and physiology.

Guided through the science of yoga and based on time-tested references of lesser known sacred texts on meditation—but more importantly, via invaluable insights gained from the immense personal experiences of the courses’ leader—the participants will verify these rare insights through their own experiences there and then.

The course is structured in 5 recorded modules.

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The course is opened to all levels: from beginner to intermediate to advanced. It is of special value to teachers and enthusiasts of yoga, as well as to scholars and those involved in spiritual work on themselves or those working as therapists in the field of psychology. This program is for all those who are desirous of real breakthrough in their meditative practices, with the sole goal of realising their Universal identity which is divine in essence.  


MODULE 1   (Prerecorded)

Discourses: What is Samadhi? Subject Object Dynamics. Primacy of Prana. Anatomy of Transcendence.

Meditation:  Introduction & Guidance into Hamsa Meditation

MODULE 2    (Prerecorded)

Discourses: Various Types of Samadhi. Prana & Samadhi.

Meditation:  Introduction and Guidance into “Dissolving the Boundaries” Meditation

MODULE 3    (Prerecorded)

Discourses: Importance of Correct Attitude (Bhavana). Thought-constructs Pure Versus Impure. Boundaries of Identity.

Meditation:  Introduction & Guidance into Meditation on Shiva (Pure Awareness)

Discourse:  Samadhi and Samavesha in Kashmir Shaiva Tantras.

Meditation:  Introduction & Guidance into Meditation on Reabsorbing the Tattvas (Categories) of Consciousness

MODULE 4    (Recorded live)

Question & Answer Session

MODULE 5    (Recorded live)

Question & Answer Session

Words from SAMADHI COURSE Participants

"Thank you very much for these beautiful sessions and meditations, in my latest experiences great release of energy can be felt, but happy to tell it's with a sense of enjoying what's being released, joy has entered somehow in my system to stay and reverberate.." 


"To hear detailed descriptions of the processes & practices for the integration of my self into my Self brings me immediately into tears, into Relief and is giving me a Culminating Feeling."


"While listening to the discourse prior to the meditation portion, it was like I was already preparing energetically for something momentous, vibrations I could sense and feel were being experienced, and almost from the start of the meditation, I was in various stages of crying and laughing and being blown away."


"There is a sense of juxtaposition of the celebration of homecoming with its loving joy with utter stillness of a sort that feels both linear and radiant, and there is an uprising of gratitude that is free-floating and a basking that doesn’t want to end.."


"Sweetness and beauty, thank you. I am experiencing spontaneous states of absorption that feel amazing.."



"I find myself in tears quite often during these first two discourses, feeling so much resonance with what Igor is sharing so freely; it is so refreshing to be finally connecting with a teacher who actually is helping me and not simply telling me that there is nothing I need to do.
These first two meditations, especially the first one since I experienced it all week, have been so useful for me to actually sit and be interested in meditation. To understand the prana needs to be internalized was like a truck hitting me. So much is being unwrapped for me, and I am finally feeling what the effects of what real meditation sessions feel like and what they can affect. After 20 years I am on the right track.
I cannot thank you enough for this."




"I am going to try to put words to an experience that is outside of words. Thank you, Guruji, for the gift of this Hamsa meditation. I find myself approaching it as if approaching a temple or something extremely sacred that deeply touches my heart and lights a flame there at its center. When it is suggested we touch that union, that place of repose, in the silence that is generously given to sit in the experience of such repose, in my heart there is a recognition of this experience as home. There is a sense of juxtaposition of the celebration of homecoming with its loving joy with utter stillness of a sort that feels both linear and radiant, and there is an uprising of gratitude that is free floating, and a basking that doesn’t want to end, and a chiming in my ears amidst the penetrating silence."




"I want to express my gratitude for the course on Samadhi with Igor Kufayev. I am relatively new to meditation, after I started experiencing my kundalini awakening. To be honest, I am learning a lot from the course and also learned a lot from yesterday's live Q&A. In my opinion, learning is perpetual. I am now finding answers to experiences I had but did not know or understand what those were or what to do if they re-occurred. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge in a world where some are not fortunate enough to have access to such literature. I hope the course materials remain available to us for future reference." 




"I’m somewhat lost for words and feeling really quite emotional as I’m writing this. Thank you Igor Kufayev for guiding me into a truly profound meditation. I believe I’ve experienced brief periods of transcendence/savikalpa samadhi recently. These have been inconsistent and fragile glimpses. What I experienced today was entirely different. I drifted into the state that I was in with ease, and once there, I was not coming out! I don’t mean that I was trying to hold onto it; I mean I was very deeply immersed. "

When you join the course you'll receive links to view all the Modules at leisure.

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If you encounter any problems with booking your place please contact

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