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There is no Awareness without movement within Its own Stillness.  Consciousness is conscious of Itself because of Its inherent movement within. What is real or unreal here is indeed a matter of perception. Hence, the world is as you see it. Whatever you perceive, behold it tenderly; it is alive and throbbing with infinite possibilities of which you are but an expression of Love in its pure potentiality.


~ Igor Kufayev 



Spontaneous Yoga ~ Touched by Grace

The phenomenon of spontaneous kriyas: its source, forms of manifestation and deep meaning.

Translated into German language, published in Yoga Aktuell magazine, February/March edition, 2017

Sedona AZ, Napa CA. March 2015

Vibrant Self

Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain. Aug 2013, published in its original version in Namarupa - Categories of Indian Thought, Fall/Winter issue 18, translated into the Dutch language for InZicht magazine dedicated to Non-Duality and radical Self-inquiry, 2014

The World is as You See it...

Santanyi, Mallorca, Spain. April 2013, published in its original version in Namarupa - Categories of Indian Thought, the Summer Issue 17, 2013; translated into the Dutch language for InZicht magazine dedicated to Non-Duality and radical Self-inquiry, 2013

Never Meeting Maharishi...

Sóller, Mallorca, Spain. Jan  2013

Entheogenic Plants & Photosynthesis of Light

La Garita, Costa Rica. Oct  2011​

Noli me tangere...

Tashkent, Uzbekistan. ​​Feb  2010​​

The Nature of Pain

Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Feb  2010

The Purpose of Religion

London,  Little Venice. June 2006


London,  Primrose Hill. Sept 2003

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Knowledge Will be Saved and Passed On

The Tantric tradition and how Shakti ensures knowledge will be saved and passed on.

The Teacher-Student Relationship

Viewing the teacher-student relationship from a different perspective

Tantric Teachings

Direct recognition in the Heart - It was there all along

Loss of a Child

Integrating the experience of death and loss of a child

Post-Awakening Fear

Fear arising as a self-preserving mechanism post-awakening

Multiple Teachers

Can one work with multiple teachers or is this cheating?

Difficult Family Relationships

Dealing with personal boundaries in difficult family relationships

Understanding the Behavior and Rising of Kundalini

Variations of Kundalini movement

Falling Asleep in Meditation versus Samadhi

Different stages of realignment

Only Love Can Transform Us

Heart-to-heart connection between teacher and student and the transmission of Divine Grace

Illness as a Manifestation of Spiritual Purification Versus an Obstacle to Sadhana

Dealing with self-doubt versus living in faith and trusting the process

Relationships and Awakening

How to deal with friends, family and loved ones during awakening


How to deal with the growing aversion to the world and still live in it ?


Maya or real ?

What Embodiment Really Means

Yearning to contribute, fully express, and to share after awakening to the Absolute

The Dismantling Phase

Dealing with the uncertainty of the dismantling phase prior to integration

The Guru

Can one experience a vertical pull from the guru by this type of live internet gathering?


Reconciling the subject-object riddle

The Soul

Understanding the layers of the embodied soul and the soul is always consciousness in disguise – nothing else

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