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10-Day Immersion in Mexico

La Buena Vibra, Tepoztlán

November 27 - December 6, 2023

"It’s been a beautiful development in the way that I first met Igor on YouTube. I was very drawn to his energy. His delivery was so direct to my heart that I was compelled to be with him in person. I see now after these days of sharing space, meals, meditation, and heartfelt discussions why it’s called “immersion”, why it’s not called a retreat, or any other thing. Because we immerse and steep in this beautiful spontaneous unfolding of life…"

~ Diane McNair, Participant, Mexico, 2019


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Located at the foot of the magical mountains of Tepoztlán in the natural environment of the Valley of Atongo, 



San Lorenzo, Valle de Atongo, Tepoztlán, Morelos, México

C.P. 62520

Daily Schedule

The Immersion consists of a 10-day program  from Monday, November 27 at 17:00 to Wednesday, December 6 at 14:00 when the program ends.

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served throughout the immersion.

The Immersion days follow this schedule:​










-  08:00 am      

-  09:30 am      

-  11:00 am      

-  01:15 pm      

-  02:15 pm      

-  05:00 pm       

-  06:30 pm       

-  08.00pm       

-  09:30 pm       

Gentle yoga stretches





Free time



Q&A Session

​​Booking and Pricing Information:

  • The program fee covers the event, not your accommodation and meals.

  • The program fee for the immersion is $2,095 USD.

  • Booking your accommodation which will include all meals must be done through the hotel venue separately after booking the event here. Accommodation inclusive of all meals for the duration of the program start from $20,835 MEX Pesos (or $1,245 USD) and scaling up to $36,400 MEX Pesos (or $2175 USD) according to room type – with a possible variation due to the Mexican Dollar vs. USD rate of the day.


  • The immersion starts on Monday, November 27th. and will end on Wednesday, December 6th after lunchtime. If you wish to stay a few days longer at the venue, please arrange this directly with the hotel venue.

  • For venue accommodations, please communicate directly with the venue ONLY via the contacts on the booking page – so NOT via their general website because we have negotiated good prices specifically for you.

  • We are a young budding organisation with many creative impulses. For those wishing to support this work, there are voluntary donation options before check out. These donations enable us to sustain and expand this work and be more of service.



For newcomers who have not sat with Igor in a live immersion program before, the following pre-requisites are in place to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the immersion:

  • ​Booking an introductory facilitator session with one of the Flowing Wakefulness facilitators is required to make sure you are fully prepared for this type of work.

For those who have already attended at least a 4-day live immersion with Igor, these are no longer required but still recommended. Those who only joined a weekend immersion, taking the above mentioned course is still required.


If you have trouble booking or have any questions regarding this immersion, please contact:




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