An Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in Magical Mallorca

with Amrita Ma Devi & Sundari Ma


May 10 - May 15, 2021



Relax, refresh and heal at this renewing Nectar and Beauty Retreat, a four-day exploration in Ayurvedic wellness, where we combine the Vedic art of yoga and meditation practices with delicious and nourishing meals.




OSA MAJOR  named after the ‘Great Bear’ star constellation that is visible above it every night, offers peace and quiet in which to relax and contemplate, and is all about a break from routine in beautiful surroundings. Head for a blissed out retreat combined with a holiday where your everyday concerns are removed.


Ayurveda is the world’s oldest known wholistic health system, incorporating self-care and self-healing practices into the flow of a daily routine. You will feel nourished and inspired by daily cooking workshops, three Ayurveda-inspired, plant-based meals, along with energizing yoga and meditation sessions. This integrated approach will purify your mind and body, leading you to rediscover the joy of being fully alive.

You are invited to connect with beautiful kindred souls, converse over the most incredible meals, and journey inwards to feel revitalized and reconnected to your sense of well-being. These four days are your opportunity to experience more fully the richness of sensory perception through the wonder of nature, and to reignite your inner potential.

Join us for some magical, blissful and transformative days in Mallorca!

7.30am - Morning Yoga Practice & Pranayama

8:45am   - Meditation

9.30am   - Breakfast

11.30am   -  Ayurvedic Cooking / Excursion Farmers Market 

1.00pm    -  Ayurvedic Lunch

Free Time / Explore / Massages / Chill / Journaling / Nature Walk / Foraging Local Herbs / Swimming 

5.00pm – Pranayama / Ayurvedic Workshop / Mantra / Self Healing & Nourishment

7:00pm - Restorative Yoga / Ayurvedic Self Care Ritual / Darshan with Igor Kufayev / Sacred Circle

8.00pm - Evening Snack 

  • Prices are from €725, excluding your travel.                                                                          

  • Arrive on 10th May by 3 pm &  Depart on the 15th May by 11 am.                                                                                

  • Pricing is in Euros                                                                                        

  • Palma Mallorca is the nearest airport.                                                

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