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Spontaneous yogic processes

The phenomenon of kriyas remains a relatively unexplored subject in today's world of spirituality, yet is a profoundly fascinating one. We refer to them as spontaneous, involuntary movements such as mudras (symbolic gestures), bandhas (body locks), asanas (postures), pranayamas (yogic breathing), vocalizations, and more. There are physical kriyas, emotional and mental kriyas. They arise in meditation as the result of the stirring, awakening, and unfolding of Kundalini Shakti, the divine cosmic energy. Kriyas are a by-product of greater activity of pranic flow through the subtler pathways of energy ushered by the activation of Life Force. It is the sacred energy of Grace, bestowed through the power of transmission, which conducts the process of awakening within each of us.

“There is no Awakening without kriyas....”


In Tantric vocabulary, three powers are expounded elaborately as the 'trinity,' and without these forces nothing can come into being; they are involved in every single creative process. These energies are will, knowledge, and action, or in Sanskrit: iccha, jnana, and kriya. Iccha means will; jnana means knowledge; kriya means action. This trinity forms the primordial womb of creation, the womb out of which all the divinities come into being. All the primordial archetypal energies come out of that womb. It’s the womb of all creation, not just the physical universe. The very blueprint of trillions and zillions and infinitude of universes is contained in that womb. And kriya is an indispensable part of that trinity – as action, motion.


By virtue of this power anything can be accomplished, anything can be created, anything can be built, and therefore anything can be dismantled as well. In the process of awakening there are kriyas that are unmistakably the result of a deep release. But as greater integration begins – and integration is an indispensable part of all awakening processes – anything that is gained on the spiritual path in form of a breakthrough, would have to be integrated. Only through the process of integration, do our experiences become part of our living reality, and do not remain mere memories. Through the very manifestation of kriyas, experiences are integrated back into the very fabric of our Consciousness.

"...Kriyas go from very wild, raw, dramatic, to intermediate, to very subtle, very refined, where essentially, you would experience these kriyas – all of you would experience that if this is your destiny to live an awakened life throughout your life, all of you. The greatest rishis and the greatest canonical figures were in kriyas until their last breath..."

There’s a phase when kriyas become, essentially, much more refined. Movements become more organized, certain gestures unfold, and we learn that these movements and gestures exist already in the vocabulary of spiritual lexica, and in certain cultures. Your leg went here, your fingers got locked in the palms of your hands – you begin to see that these processes actually have been observed and carefully recorded.


So these are no longer random gestures, random movements – they have a precise purpose, as they aid in directing energy where it needs to go, or preserving energy where it needs to continue the process, as in the case of bandhas. Bandha is simply that – it’s a lock. It locks the body in certain areas and creates the possibility for pranic flow, for that energetic current to work on a certain area for a greater duration, at least while we are sitting.


This is the nature of more advanced kriyas. Then kriyas progress even more, and into more; they progress into mudras – not just mudras performed with hands, they progress into mudras of attitude. It’s a spontaneous attitude that the body or psyche takes. These are signs that the progress entered into phases of greater integration – this is spontaneous yoga. This is integral yoga.

“... There is Greater Will at work, always. Whatever we plan for ourselves, we are part of a greater plan. No matter how grandiose our ideas, there’s a greater unfoldment that happens. If only we can have the wisdom, clarity, courage, and humility to recognize that, then everything will be fine…”

The phenomenon and wide range of kriyas is a constant and fascinating feature of Igor Kufayev’s retreats, arising in nearly every participant. We wish to provide glimpses into these humbling experiences through a selection of rare, beautiful images which were captured during recent immersions with Igor in Belgium, Mallorca, California and Canada in 2016.

“There is no awakening without kriyas! There have to be kriyas. Awakening itself is a kriya ‒ a grand kriya; and kriyas are absolutely necessary. Iccha (will), jnana (knowledge), kriya (action) that is all there is, the womb of Consciousness. Sat-chit-ananda  (Being-Consciousness-Bliss). Iccha, jnana, kriya. That is the womb of Consciousness, that is the equilateral of Consciousness, where the universe comes out, billions and zillions of universes per second. So how can there be awakening without kriyas? We have to speak about kriyas. There is no yoga without Kundalini, because that is the chief deity of yoga.”

We wish to honor and pay homage to the very power that is the timeless source and origin of yoga — and of all spiritual traditions.


Reverence to Sri Kundalini Devi, the Divine Mother of All.

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