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HUMAN BEING ~ The Gate, The Altar & The Offering

From Awakening to Self-Realization to Greater Embodiment

When it comes to the realization of our innermost potential, the topic of integration is one of the most pertinent. Viewed from the embodied nature of Consciousness, the dynamics of that process are, in turn, colored by our psychophysiological conditioning. When seen from that perspective, the ancient line ''know thyself,'' gains an extra dimension. The knowledge of your Self is inseparable from the instrumentality of knowing, which is your own body. The attitude towards that notion marks a point of departure in many spiritual traditions whose teachings are united by the same goal. 

Though many have undergone various stages of rising and expansion of Consciousness, there is still a vague understanding of the phenomenon. For some, the process culminated in the crowning experience of Unity, for others the journey continues. The insights offered in the format of this retreat are for the benefit of all, regardless of their status or chosen path.  

“.... The only thing that stands in the way is what we call 'human psychosis.' Because somehow we prefer to cling to what we consider our human traits than to recognize our essential nature. Hence, spiritual traditions simply call it 'ignorance'—not knowing who you are is ignorance..."

~ Igor Kufayev

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"In Human Being: The Gate, The Altar, and the Offering Igor Kufayev dissects the conceptual frameworks and assumptions we have about who we are and what it means to be human.  If we are not separate from the unified field of consciousness then how is it we experience ourselves as autonomous individual beings? Does the individual self exist at all or is it illusory?  

In this course, Igor patiently unpacks our conscious and unconscious assumptions about our sense of having a separate identity.   His fluency with many philosophical platforms facilitates the students, who come from varied spiritual backgrounds, finding themselves on the spiritual map regardless of their methodology. Throughout the course, Igor has scheduled ample opportunity for questions from the participants which he takes head-on while seamlessly incorporating them into the arc of the message. 


Igor’s presence, his keen intellect, comprehensive and universal understanding, and innate teaching ability foster a more expanded quality of attention in the listener.  I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of this spiritual discourse and Igor’s ability to connect with the students in the room.   Any sincere student would benefit from participating in this course, which amply demonstrates that Igor is a true master of transformational work."

~ Kay V. 

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In this sublime Immersion, Igor both informs and guides the viewer through the maze of the human psyche, bringing into question the dominantly held material view of our identity and referencing great spiritual philosophies he points to an understanding of what it means to be human, illumining the glory of our true nature and unique place in creation.

Experience this moving immersion in full, as well as the daily periods of formal discourse, the evening fireside Question & Answer sessions, are also included in the Bonus sections.

Day 1 | Introduction Evening | This work is about who we are, not about any preferred path. 

Day 2 | What Does it Mean to be Human? Who am I? Do we have independent consciousness?

Day 3 | Psychosis or Transcendence | The complexity of the human psyche.

Day 4 | Whatever Obstructs the Light Recedes | Will,   Knowledge, and Action.

Day 5 | Nothing Happens to the “I” | What is Individuality?

Day 6 | We Are a Walking Universe | The Experience of  Primordial Energy.

Day 7 | Evaluation Through Self-Referral | Sacred   Geometry.

".... With Igor's teachings, it's not the words—it's barely the meaning of the words. It's that undefinable energy beneath the words that emanates from their source. Yes, you leave with a greater understanding, but that subtle energy—perhaps for now undiscerned—is quietly putting a flame to the kindling in the heart.  A magnificent work of undoing!"

~  Participant  of Human Being Immersion

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This unique record is consecutively ordered in 42 readily accessible numbered videos, making the whole Immersion easy to digest, savor and enjoy at your own pace. Choose to watch for extended periods or one short video at a time.

Immerse yourself in this illuminating wisdom, through moments of deep insight and illumination to levity all is captured here.​

Human Being
The Gate, The Altar & The Offering

6 Month  Streaming Rental

42 Videos
7 days of Immersion

22 hours of Teachings

Total  €250 /$299

“I find myself in tears quite often during these first two discourses, feeling so much resonance with what Igor is sharing so freely; it is so refreshing to be finally connecting with a teacher who actually is helping me and not simply telling me that there is nothing I need to do. So much is being unwrapped for me, and I am finally feeling what the effects of what real meditation sessions feel like and what they can affect. After 20 years I am on the right track. I cannot thank you enough for this..."


~ Participant of Human Being Immersion

“There were times I was hanging on Igor's every word, each one a new part of the puzzle assembling a striking image to further illuminate my understanding. I was taken to places I had never been before.."


~ Participant of Human Being Immersion

“Captivating, amusing and profound by turns.."


~ Participant of Human Being Immersion

“So glad to have followed this call of heart. I am enamored by the delicacy of this teaching and deeply penetrated by the refinement of your expression, dear Igor. You provided a giant masterpiece to a puzzle I could have never completed myself. Thank you for giving so much Affirmation to some intuitive sense I carried around for so long with lots of doubt, guilt and shame... I always didn't just want to walk a spiritual path that worked but also a beautiful one. This seems to be it...."


~ Participant of Human Being Immersion

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