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Fulfilment: The Purpose of Life

Evening Open Darshan

Freiburg, Germany

Sunday, July 21,  2019 


6:00 – 9:00 pm


“...Beneath every intent, beneath every desire that we have for fulfilment, there is this unconscious search for being complete. This unconscious search for being happy. And if we are not afraid to come to that realization, something tremendously beautiful can happen in our life...”  

– Igor Kufayev

This is an invitation to join Advaita Tantra teacher Igor Kufayev for an evening darshan. Come and join us – taste Igor's profound transformative work and heart-based teaching firsthand. Experience the energy of transmission, and deepen your meditative practice during a guided meditation. This darshan is also a great opportunity to ask Igor specific questions relevant to the theme or your own spiritual journey, in the company of like-minded souls.



Soma Yoga

522 Central Ave,

Hebelstrasse 23 a

79104 Freiburg



€40 at the door.

For more information & to reserve your place, please contact Sundari Ma at:

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