Yoga of Integrity
Foundational Principles for an Authentic Life Lived in Alignment with Universal Values
4-Part Online Course, July & August 2020.

Manifestation of success in any area of our lives, along with a sense of wellbeing and ultimately fulfilment itself is rooted in how much these universal qualities are enlivened in our own field. This, in turn, is inseparable from busting the myths, assumptions and preconceived ideas around spirituality.


This course is tailored to those who are serious about reaching their innermost potential. It aims to address the fundamental principles which assist spiritual unfoldment. It further sets to distinguish what obstructs the progress and limits our potential for Self-realisation. It dares to expose collectively held myths around spirituality which are based on false assumptions, so as to clear the path for expansion of human consciousness, through direct insight into the purpose of human evolution.

Whether you are a lover or just a student, the Yoga of Integrity is above all designed for facilitators and teachers, as they are the ones who must embody these fundamental principles so as to be able to light the way for others.



Have you had a brush with awakening, or a full-blown collision with the infinite, but find it hard to integrate your experience? Are you a jaded seeker lacking spiritual ardour and tired of knocking on heaven's door? Are you subject to states of dissociation, and feeling lost in the process? Perhaps you've tried many approaches to heal the traumas in your past, to no avail. If some of this rings true, then this work is for you. Whether you are a total newcomer, in need of sound orientation to support your personal efforts or a seasoned meditator with decades of experience looking to break through the limitations of your practice, this work can be beneficial to you. Yet whilst this work is universal and open to all, irrespective of creed, race and gender, only those who are fully committed to their own progress will truly be able to benefit from it. In short, this work is for the householder, the maverick, the artist, the rebel, the pirate. Welcome aboard!

You’ve watched ‘What the Bleep...’, you've read the Gita and the Tao, you’ve heard the message of motivational speakers, quantum physicists and cutting edge neuroscientists, now come and experience it for yourself to know directly what this alchemical transformation is about and reclaim your true status.


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Registration will close on 18th July 2020 

Yoga of Integrity ~
Foundational Principles for an Authentic Life Lived in Alignment with Universal Values​

4-Part Online Course 2020

Saturday, July 18,  

Sunday, July 26, 

Saturday, August 1, 

Sunday, August 9, 

5-7 pm (CEST) or 8-10 am (PDT)

Price: 150 Euros



Time Zones

5pm - 7pm (Berlin) | 4pm - 6pm (London) |  11am - 1pm (New York)  | 8am - 10am (Los Angeles)





The interactive course will be easily facilitated via the Zoom platform. Simple joining instructions are included in the PDF which is immediately available for download at the end of the booking process which you can start here.



You will receive a link to the recordings of the course and you will be able to view them as often as you wish.

How to register?

Please register for the course by clicking BOOK NOW to pay by PayPal or credit card or alternatively if you are unable to use this method and wish to pay by bank transfer or have questions about this course please contact thoma-datta@flowingwakefulness.com who will assist you. Registration will close on July 18th.

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