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AWAKENING TODAY ~ Personal Transformation as a Reflection of Transformative Processes in Collective Consciousness

What does awakening in the world today entail? What is the dynamic between individual transformation and the collective field? 

We invite you to join Igor's upcoming live broadcast on YouTube, where he will explore and answer some of the most critical questions about spiritual awakening in our modern era. This free broadcast is a unique opportunity to gain clarity and deepen your understanding on this multifaceted and often misunderstood topic.

This broadcast has now passed but you can view a recording here on YouTube.

Saturday, April 22, 2023
5-7pm CET 
21:30 (Delhi) 18:00 (Athens)  17:00 (Berlin)  16:00 (London) 11:00 (New York  ) 8:00 (LA)

You may want to check your time zone here:



This darshan has now passed but you can view the recording here on YouTube.

Questions for Igor
Questions can be asked live, but preference is given to questions submitted in advance, provided it is pertinent to the theme of the webinar – these questions help Igor to know what is in your heart and to structure the darshan. Please keep your question brief and include background information to set the context. Send your question at least 48 hours before the darshan begins to:

Technical support

If you are experiencing any technical issues or have any questions about the broadcast please email:

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