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Live streaming - Saturday, September 25, 2021
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We tend to cling to that which we consider our human traits, at the expense of recognizing our true essence. Spiritual traditions call this “ignorance” — not knowing one’s Self. There’s a big difference between trying to improve one’s life by means of endless therapies versus making that internal move within, which Sufis call zikr. That turning within brings about the recognition that nothing on the outside can improve how we feel on the inside. At best, it is wishful thinking. Ours is the culture of endless attempts at trying to improve that human condition, whilst the opportunity of life being lived in – what is known in Yoga — as Being-Consciousness-Bliss is wasted.


The purpose of this life is the fulfillment of our potential, and this only comes from direct recognition of our essential nature. Alas, our experience mostly links contentment with sensory-emotional satisfaction. No less, no more. Whatever means we take, whatever methodologies we use, the real incentive behind our drive is desire, and the destination is happiness. But if someone is under the illusion that one can improve something about the human condition, that in itself is a sign of psychosis. Trying to improve the human condition is like trying to improve the weather.

 ~ Igor Kufayev

Global Awakening & Collective Psychosis
Is the Golden Age a Myth or Reality?

Live stream - Questions & Answers

Saturday, September 25, 5-7pm CEST

8pm (Delhi) 6pm (Athens) 5pm (Berlin) 4pm (London) 11am (NY) 8am (LA)

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