Navigating Uncharted Waters of Karma in Times of Uncertainty

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Our life is being formed (or shaped) out of the sum total of each individual projection with which we literally embed this life—embed this very existence with our thoughts, emotions, feelings, yearnings, longings, desires, intentions, wishes, with everything that we have. We literally give it out and project outward from that very stuff which is extremely subtle—it is our life of tomorrow that is being shaped. So we literally, collectively, all of us, create tomorrow as we sit here, today. So let us not forget that that whatever we are today, we would have to re-experience it tomorrow—and there’s no way out of it, there’s no escape. So if we project fear, panic, if we project all these negative gamut of emotions and expressions, then that’s exactly what we’re going to reap. Because that’s very much in the nature of collective consciousness. The collective consciousness and our future are formed out of this stuff with which we kick the universe every second, every moment of our existence. Let’s not forget that. Let’s be very attentive, be very careful, very tender, with the way we kind of look into the future.

 ~ Igor Kufayev

Navigating Uncharted Waters of Karma in Times of Uncertainty

Live stream - Questions & Answers

This Event Has Now Passed 

21:30 (Delhi) 18:00 (Athens) 17:00 (Berlin)  16:00 (London) 11:00 (NY)  8:00 (LA)

The Recording is Available Here

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