7 Day Advanced Program in Mallorca

Sa Cabaneta


November 17 - November 24, 2019


This advanced program is on invitation from the Teacher. It is based on Igor's observations of working with you in a group setting over a period of time in at least a few week-long immersions, as well as assessing some of the basic qualifications that such course would require. 

The main incentive behind conceiving this advanced program is to provide the experience of deeper and more refined aspects of this work, which is not available in the regular week-long immersions, due to the fact that newcomers being in the regular programs requires a different approach and also going back to some basic tenets of this work. 

This advanced program is designed to take the already experienced students onto another level of direct experience and understanding of this work which would be exemplified in working with very subtle dimensions of Tantric methodologies. In this case, this would be accompanied by very close work with specific mantras. Therefore this course can only be opened for those who have enough experience and have shown a degree of understanding of and commitment to the work. This program is a must for all those who consider to become facilitators of this work. 

Among the chief principle aspects of the program, there will be meditative practices of a longer duration and we will also have discourses that are different in their delivery than what we are accustomed to in the regular immersions. The whole ambiance will be very intimate and internal, which will afford the possibility of taking this teaching onto the level which otherwise is virtually impossible to perform at the immersions that we have been enjoying so far. 




TRAMUNTANA FLOW owes its name to the magnificent mountain range in Mallorca, the spectacular views of which can be contemplated from the entire property. Located in the beautiful village of Sa Cabaneta in Mallorca, only 15 min from Palma, this is a beautiful place of peace and tranquility.


The Immersion consists of a 7 day  program from Sunday 5 pm – Sunday 2 pm ( November 17 till November 24).

Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served throughout the immersion.

The Immersion days follow this schedule:​


Booking Information

  • Prices are from €1325 and include everything: room, meals and event fee.                                                                                          

  • Pricing is in Euros                                                                

  • Palma de Mallorca is the nearest airport which is just 15km from the venue.                                                                   

  • By booking a place at this event you agree to the participation agreement.                                                           

If you have any questions about this event please contact:  thoma-datta@flowingwakefulness.com

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