Eternal Compromise (Early works 1990 - 1991, Warsaw)

"...He [Kufayev] represents post-modernism - a trend which seeks a compromise between past and present art. Evident in his work are allusions to the Russian avant-garde tradition..."

Andrzej Matynia, "Voice", April 1991

In the winter of 1990 Igor Kufayev left the Academy of St Petersburg and moved to Warsaw. He felt compelled to improvise, consciously responding to his increased awareness of the art of the 20th century. As he explained at his Warsaw solo debut exhibition: ''What I have in mind is a synthesis of the precision and harmony of the old Culture on one hand, with the absurdity of an eclectic Age on the other''. During the time of less than two years, he produced around 50 paintings and many pastels and drawings.

1. Time of Stormy Rains,  

diptych, 1990, oil on canvas, 130x170 cm, Warsaw, Galeria Alicja Wahl

2. Descent to the Underworld,  

1990, oil on canvas, 150x100 cm, Warsaw, Galeria Alicja Wahl

3. Self-Portrait,  

1990, oil on canvas, 130x116 cm, London, The Groucho Club

4. Compromise,  
triptych, 1991, oil on canvases;

I. 130x114 cm. London, Collection of Brian Carr

II. 114x100 cm. London, Collection of Mr & Mrs Sigsworth

III. 130x80 cm. Location unknown

5. Around the point,  

1991, oil on canvas, 89x100 cm, London, Collection of Beverly Cable

6. Three Graces,  

1991, oil on canvas, 116x130 cm, London, Collection of Mr&Mrs Camber

7. The Cradle,  

1991, oil on canvas, 100x89 cm, London, Artist's Collection

8. Intellectual picture,  

1991, oil on canvas, 89x100 cm, London, Collection of Beverly Cable

9. St Veil of Veronica,  

1991, oil on canvas, 100x80 cm, London, Artist's Collection

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